Who is Madam Boss?

   Madam Boss (Onna Bosu) appears in the Pokémon CD Drama Myuutsuu no Tanjo (Birth of Mewtwo). Not much is known about Madam Boss other than she seems to have a friendly relationship with her elite agent Miyamoto (Jessie/Musashi’s mother) and more often than not is a bit prudent and avaricious. Madam’s character seems to have a side that is intrigued by wonder and is easily captivated by an interesting story, as shown in the CD Drama when Miyamoto tells her boss the tale of Mew’s legend.

   As the mother to the infamous “Boss” Giovanni, it is unclear on the predilection Madam Boss has for her son, referring to him as a brat boy–however only doing so in relation to the subject of money. Madam Boss otherwise did not speak of her presumably adult-age son who fondly remembered his mother as very beautiful during his narration of the story.

   Madam Boss’s, just as Miyamoto’s, future from that point on in the CD Drama is unknown for sure and only speculated by fans. Fans are never given a truly explicit and definite compendium of events preceding the founding of Team Rocket up to Giovanni’s eventual takeover. This site was created as not only a shrine to the mysterious mother of Giovanni, but as a medium to portray my own version to these speculations, as a fan and a role player of Madam Boss since 2001, in an entertaining visual story.

Madam vs Madame

   There has been an interesting debate for years about which title should be used. Personally, I have always used “Madam” and intend to continue. But to offer some food for thought I decided to offer the definitions of these titles.
   Madam —used at the start of a formal letter to a woman whose name you do not know; used when you are speaking to a woman who has a high rank or position
   Madame —used like Mrs . as a title for a married Frenchwoman
^According to Webster’s Dictionary
   For me, as I do not play Madam as a Frenchwoman, nor as a married woman, I think the former is a more appropriate spelling for her title, even if the latter looks more “refined”.

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