Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate?
    Home takes you to the news and front page. Love takes you to the fan section where fan art, fictions, and some canon downloads are available. Cast will show you all the main and minor characters you will meet in the manga. Read is the manga; on this page you will also see the literary version where you can read the story as a novel rather than a comic. Blog is Madam’s in-character journal, complete with cosplay photos of her adventures. F.A.Q. is here, where any questions you may have are answered. If your question on this page has not been answered you can always email me. It may end up published here. If you ever forget what each page title means, hold your mouse over the image and a small description will appear.

How do I send in my FanArt?
    Quite simply! Attach your web-ready jpg, png, or gif artwork (or cosplay photo) in an email to Contact@MadamBoss.com. Include anything you would like to say about your artwork, its title, and your name for proper credit.
    For fanfictions you can send the full text in a .doc, .txt, as the email body, or with a link to your site.

What is the basis of this story?
    The basis of this story is deeply rooted in my own role play haven Wicked Rockets. But before the website was even started my friends and I wrote stories together in a free-form role play format. We explored a lot of characters and loved doing “time travel” where we would take current characters and stick them in the past to learn and interact with the characters that presumably no longer existed. Madam’s time happened to be one of those avenues explored, myself personally always playing her role. Years later when I married my husband we began to refine the story together. I owe a lot of people credit for my development of Madam Boss, for without them and their long hours of story writing, this labor of love would not exist.

How do I meet Madam?
    Nowadays we spend our time role playing on Team Rocket HQ. Madam is there, in the story, under the Wicked Rockets RP Group.
We brought her back as a clone with a synthesized consciousness under Giovanni’s orders. She is busily restoring her team of guards to live out her own life no longer commander in chief of the Rocket army. There you can meet and play with her or visit her in the Lounge chat room.

How long has Madam Boss been around?
    I have been playing Madam Boss, roughly, since 2002/2003. This site has been around since about 2005/2006.

How do I buy a printed version of the manga?
    It is in the making! Once the comic has been posted here I will be publishing it in print for others to enjoy offline.

When will there be more?
    When I damn well feel like making more.

When do you update the comic?
    Here and there. There will be a popup notice when I do!

Questions or comments? Contact me by email or log in/sign up to Team Rocket HQ.